Where Can You Recycle Your Old Christmas Tree?

The collection of Christmas trees began the day after the Czech Christmas Eve on 24 December. The municipal waste management company, SAKO Brno, says that “like every year, the ideal way to say goodbye to the symbol of Christmas is to hand it over to the nearest waste collection centre (Czech: sberne stredisko odpadu)”. You can find a list of Brno collection centres here

The tree must be stripped of all Christmas decorations, especially hooks. Trees handed over in this way will be turned into compost at the city’s central composting plant. 

Another possible option is to place your stripped Christmas tree next to the black bin, ideally just before collection. The tree will be taken away as part of the regular waste collection and will contribute to the production of energy for Brno households. Under no circumstances should a Christmas tree be placed on the street or in containers for sorted waste.

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