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Over 20% of Drivers Exceed Speed Limits in Nationwide Police Check

In a nationwide police check last Friday involving approximately 5,000 vehicles on Czech roads, it was discovered that more than one-fifth of drivers exceeded the speed limit. Police spokeswoman Hana Rubasova reported on the police website today that officers collected nearly CZK 1.9 million in on-the-spot fines.

In exceptional cases, police officers also suspended driving licences from the drivers for excessive speeding.

According to the police, speeding is one of the most common causes of fatal traffic accidents.

On 26 January, police patrols across the Czech Republic checked more than 5,000 cars, focusing on speed limits. They detected speeding in 1,099 cases.

“Of this number, 1,047 cases were solved on the spot by imposing fines, the total amount of which reached CZK 1,864,600,” Rubasova said.

In a few dozen cases, the drivers’ traffic offences were referred to the administrative authorities.

Police officers also used their new power to immediately suspend the driving licences of ten drivers. “This power has been granted to the Czech police since the beginning of the year. In total, including this check, it has been used in 70 cases,” the police spokeswoman added.

Rubasova said driving licences can be suspended when a driver exceeds the speed limit by more than 40 kilometres per hour in a municipality, or by more than 50 kilometres per hour outside it.

The spokeswoman warned that the police would continue with such operations.

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