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Brno-Stred District Calls For Motorists To Avoid Driving Into City Centre

The Brno-Stred city district is calling for motorists to avoid driving into the city centre, in the hope of reducing traffic jams and large numbers of parked cars on the city streets, which make navigating the city difficult for pedestrians and cyclists. At the same time, motorists would avoid the risk of penalties for illegal parking or entering the city without permission. The district council highlights the several car parks around the edge of the city centre, which usually have plenty of free spaces, and could save drivers time and money.

Regulations on vehicle entry to the city centre have been in effect for a long time, enforced by the City of Brno and the Brno City Police. On average, police patrols deal with around 700 traffic violations every month, mostly for bad parking. Further sanctions are issued by the municipality, which uses a semi-automated system to regulate entrance to the city and parking in blue zones intended primarily for residents and commuters.

“The traffic situation in the historic core is not ideal,” said Zdeněk Machů (ANO), the 4th Deputy Mayor of the Brno-střed district, responsible for transport and informatics. “We have been addressing this for a long time with the City of Brno, at transport commissions or at meetings with citizens. Motorists are encouraged to drive to the centre only in the most necessary cases. At the same time, the City of Brno is investing in improvements to the transport infrastructure in the long term.” He cited as examples the parking garages and temporary car parks that enable drivers convenient access to public transport to continue their journeys. 

There are currently four parking garages in the Brno-střed district: Pinki Park on Kopečná, Domini Park on Husová, River Park on Polní, and the car park at the Janáček Theater. The first three of these are operated by the municipal joint-stock company Brno Communications (Brněnské komunikace), which also manages “Park and Ride” facilities near the Central Cemetery and in Líšeň.

“The parking garages and temporary car parks are rarely fully occupied,” added Brno-střed councillor Jan Mandát (ODS). “For example, the newest parking garage on Polní has plenty of spaces every day, as well as favourable parking prices, costing 50 crowns for 12 hours. In addition, it is located within walking distance of the centre and near a tram stop.” 

He added that another parking garage is currently under construction at Akademické náměstí, on the border of the Brno-střed and Žabovřesky city districts, and is expected to be completed in the autumn of this year. Once completed, it will accommodate over 600 cars. “I believe that the new building will ease the traffic congestion in the city and improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the centre of Brno,” added Machů.

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