Credit:David Židlický, Petr Dvořák (MuMB)

Take a Virtual Tour Of Villa Tugendhat

You can now explore Brno’s Villa Tugendhat from the comfort of your own home, without any interruptions or time constraints. The Brno City Museum has recently unveiled a virtual tour of the modernist masterpiece, available for free with commentary in Czech or English. 

This immersive experience, meticulously crafted over the past year, not only showcases the current state of Villa Tugendhat, but also seamlessly integrates virtual reality with textual, photographic, and video elements, providing a comprehensive exploration of the iconic site.

Credit: David Židlický, Petr Dvořák (MuMB)

“The high demand for the Tugendhat villa tour is already widely known among the public,” said Zbyněk Šolc, director of the Brno City Museum. “Since 2021 we have therefore been trying to expand the opportunity for more guests to visit and experience the villa, in line with compliance

requirements for the protection of this globally unique monument. That is why my colleagues from Villa Tugendhat and I decided to completely revamp the virtual tour experience and offer it as a de facto fourth guided tour of the villa.” 

Credit: David Židlický, Petr Dvořák (MuMB)

The virtual tour was developed in collaboration with PanoPro s.r.o., and painstakingly captures the villa’s current state following its historic restoration from 2010 to 2012, as well as minor modifications made to the visitor centre in the past decade. In addition to exploring the villa itself, guests have the opportunity to stroll virtually through its gardens. Furthermore, the experience offers more than just commentary on individual rooms and key furnishings, also providing access to parts of the building that are typically off-limits during regular tours.

The virtual tour is available for free with commentary in Czech and English here.

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