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Brno Cricket Club: Passionate About The “Gentleman’s Game”

With over 100 enthusiastic cricket players, Brno Cricket Club (BCC) is the largest and most popular club in Brno as well as in the entire Czech Republic. The club promotes and provides coaching for all age groups, including men, women and young kids. The club’s motto is quite simple: “We play, we sweat, we bleed, we win!”

The club runs four different Men’s teams across three divisions: Division-1 (BCC Rangers), two teams in Division-2 (BCC Raiders and BCC Challengers) and the newest team, BCC Warriors in Division-3. BCC Rangers were the Winners of the Pro-40 ČMKS (Českomoravský kriketový svaz) League and the Runners-up in both formats of T-20 and European Cricket Series (ECS) in the last summer cricket season in 2023. In addition to this, the club also has a Women’s team and a couple of Junior’s teams, and some players representing the country in the Czech Republic’s National Cricket Squad.

BBC Rangers in the European Cricket Series. Credit: BCC.

This year’s Men’s league starts on 20 April, when BCC Raiders will be competing against Moravian CC Thunder, and the next day BCC Rangers against Prague Cricket Club Kings. The Women’s league is currently in the planning phase, and the Junior’s tournament will start in Brno on 25 February, when two teams from BCC and three teams from Prague will be competing against each other.

Winning the Pro-40 ČMKS League. Credit: BCC.

Furthermore, the club will be hosting an upcoming BCC Townhall on 9 March, from 4pm to 7pm, at Apoštolská církev Životského in Brno, where all are welcome to find out more about the club and how you can get involved.

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