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Kino Art’s English-Friendly Program Includes Two Showings of Czech True-Crime Film “Forest Killer”

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Kino Art’s upcoming English-friendly programme will include two screenings of “Forest Killer”, a minimalist crime drama based on real events, following the final year in the life of one of the Czech Republic’s most notorious Czech serial killers, Viktor Kalivoda. 

In 2005, Kalivoda murdered three random passers-by in the woods. The forest killer, as he became known, worked as a policeman, won the competition “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, and had an above-average IQ. The case received a lot of attention, not only because he planned to shoot up the Prague metro, but also because he never fully revealed his motive. Can we ever understand what was going on in his head?

Both screenings of the film, at 8.30pm on 17 and 18 April, will be followed by a discussion of the film, with special guest Michal Mazánek, a detective who worked directly on the case. 

You can find information about all of Kino Art’s upcoming English-friendly screenings here.

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