Javier Milei. Credit: La Casa Rosada

Argentine President Milei To Visit Czech Republic In Mid-June

Argentine President Javier Milei will visit the Czech Republic in mid-June, to receive the annual award from the Liberal Institute and give a lecture in Prague on 18 June, according to a press release from the Liberal Institute and the Anglo-American University in Prague today.

It is not yet known whether the Argentine President will meet senior Czech politicians during his visit.

The libertarian economist Milei became the head of state in December, and in a short time has announced hundreds of controversial measures to deregulate the economy and slash social programs.

According to the Reuters news agency, his first measures have reduced public sector spending and improved the foreign trade balance, but they have so far failed to stem the rise in inflation and poverty in the country.

“As a libertarian espousing anarcho-capitalism, he advocates a minimal role for the state in society,” said Jiri Schwarz, founder of the Liberal Institute and rector of the Anglo-American University.

The Liberal Institute awards its annual prize each year for its contribution to the development of classical liberalism and the realisation of free-market economic ideas in practice. It has been awarded to Nobel laureates such as Milton Friedman, Gary Becker and James Buchanan.

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