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Train Station Underpass Will Be Partially Reopened From Tomorrow

The underpass under Brno’s main station has remained closed for about two weeks following a fire. Fortunately, the restoration work has progressed quickly and it will be partially reopened from tomorrow.

Most of the underpass will be reopened to the public. Photo: BKOM

From tomorrow morning at 8 am, it will again be possible to walk between Tesco and Benešova using the underground walkway, though entrance to the Letmo shopping centre will remain restricted for the time being.

The fire in the underpass broke out in the morning on Saturday, 11 May. In the following days, an investigation was carried out by the South Moravian Fire and Rescue Service and Czech Police. In order to make the underpass accessible to pedestrians again, the fire department set several conditions, which involved monitoring of combustion emissions to ensure that using the walkway would not endanger public health. It was also necessary to clean all surfaces after the effects of the fire. The fire site is cordoned off, with no public access permitted.

The City of Brno is planning a complete reconstruction of the underpass. The project is divided into two stages: the first will start next year at the earliest (with project documentation due to be finalised this year). The second stage is related to the planned reconstruction of the area in front of the station and Benešová, which should begin within a few years.

Access to the Letmo shopping centre has not yet been restored. Photo: BKOM
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