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Rosnička Festival: Kompakt, and Perfectly Formed

Summer is coming, and with it the Rosnička festival in Svitavy, back for the 14th year this year. The festival will take place from 28-30 June, with the picturesque backdrop of a lake and forest camp around Svitavy, in the Pardubice region.

As every year, the festival will offer two stages with a program melding various genres and modern beats, newcomers and more established artists, articulated around simple mottos and musical exploration, closely surrounded by nature.

Credit: Rosnicka

Kompakt Records

A major element of the line-up this year is three artists from the legendary German electro label Kompakt Records, brought to the festival in collaboration with the Czech-German Future Fund.

The record label emerged in 1998 from the community surrounding Cologne’s electronic vinyl record store Delirium, formed by the store’s founders Wolfgang Voigt, Reinhard Voigt, Jörg Burger, and Jürgen Paape, along with DJ Michael Mayer. These five decided to combine several existing publishing houses, record stores and promoter activities into one Kompakt whole. The label’s world renown grew from the variety of their catalogue, spanning clicking minimal, brutal techno, soothing ambient, and adult house music, as well as the coverage of other labels as a carrier distributor.

Credit: Rosnicka

Thanks to this, records from the label were heard all over the planet, and grew to define the German electronic scene in their time, while simultaneously confirming the global dominance of Germany as the world’s largest exporter of electronic music.

Later, Kompakt Records expanded its activities into the waters of electro and trance, eventually carrying giants of electronic music such as Kölsch, Rex The Dog, and the Pachanga Boys .

More than a name, the label ensured with its continuity a prolific stream of music creativity, becoming a focal point of the scene, generating many collaborations, remixes and sub-labels.

On Friday, 28 June, Rosnička will welcome three members of Kompakt Records: co-founder Michael Mayer, Barnt, and Jonathan Kaspar will come to celebrate 30 years since the founding of the Cologne record shop where it all began.


Next week we will continue by looking at the rest of the line-up for Rosnička’s curated musical journey into the wild…

The basic ticket price for the two-day festival is CZK 800 + the average temperature for the coming week multiplied by 20 crowns. This should mean that prices gradually creep up, but due to the chaotic weather of our times, this isn’t necessarily the case, and ticket prices may fall as well as rising. The festival posts “Ticket forecast” information every Sunday on Instagram. Tickets are available here.

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